View from the Clock Tower

View from the tower

View from the tower


Monthly “winners” – May 2013

As mid-year is coming fast, I took the time to look at the number of “likes” scored by different pics – from January 2013 onwards.

So, the May Prize goes to “Sunset in the Irish Sea” ( with 33 likes. It was took from the Crosby beach ( one of the long summer days..A Nikon CoolPix 5 ( was used.Just 5 Megapixels (hmm..have 8 Mega on my mobile), but excellent build quality, easy to use, RAW mention a couple of the Pros.

Thanks to all of you who did visit my blog. Hope you will come back!

After 4 months…

…the site ( reached more than 2000 views. I don’t know what this means compared with other(s); but to me it means a lot! Just want to thank to all my visitors and followers. You are great and wish you all the best. Octavian

PS The  best in “Likes” is the Battle of the Daffodils…

A Warm Welcome!

Welcome to My Blog, showing some of the pictures taken while travelling or living around different places in Europe.

Photography is my main hobby since the days of my childhood, when I was using a film camera and preparing the paper prints in the ad-hoc dark room set up with the help of y parents. Things moved forward a lot, but I still strongly believe that photography is a great way of watching and understanding the world around us.

This blog will contain mainly pictures and less text. Feel free to leave your comments and questions; I will be very honored to read them. You can also check my other blog here at WordPress (, as well as my portfolio on the ImageKind portal. Links are provided in the appropriate section.