Monthly “winners” – May 2013

As mid-year is coming fast, I took the time to look at the number of “likes” scored by different pics – from January 2013 onwards.

So, the May Prize goes to “Sunset in the Irish Sea” (¬† with 33 likes. It was took from the Crosby beach ( one of the long summer days..A Nikon CoolPix 5 ( was used.Just 5 Megapixels (hmm..have 8 Mega on my mobile), but excellent build quality, easy to use, RAW mention a couple of the Pros.

Thanks to all of you who did visit my blog. Hope you will come back!

After 4 months…

…the site ( reached more than 2000 views. I don’t know what this means compared with other(s); but to me it means a lot! Just want to thank to all my visitors and followers. You are great and wish you all the best. Octavian

PS The ¬†best in “Likes” is the Battle of the Daffodils…