Bits and pieces – from dawn till night

After using a 24 MPx DSRL for night shots, I did felt strange in using the ISO800 on my Panasonic Gf1…outdated in terms of sensor..and only 12 MPx…Results (below) are, still, quite good..even if the noise level is quite high in some cases..Bear in mind, these are all*.jpg’s, as processing the RAW files produced is still a challenge..

Bits and pieces…

When you test a new lens, it suddenly looks like you see more things around you…or you perceive them different from what it was before…Pics were taken with a Panasonic GF1, using a Sigma Art lens (19 mm/2.8)..same kit as in the previous post. Different ball game than the standard zoom lens from Pana (Vario 14-45 mm/3.5-5.6)

An afternoon in town; snapshots with a Micro Third Camera