Low tide on Mersey



7 thoughts on “Low tide on Mersey

  1. Octavian, if you look on the left-hand side you can see Wallasey town hall, then the next white building to the right is the pub The Ferry, and then just a tiny bit to the right of that is where my husband grew up on Egremont Prom. Just thought I’d share that little piece of info!


      • My husband and I both enjoy your Merseyside pictures. We love the area and your pictures bring back great memories. We toyed with flying over to Liverpool this summer for our neice’s wedding, but the thought of flying 9+ hours with 5 children sounded less than enjoyable, and the price for 7 flights was insane. So this summer it is Pender Island instead of the British Isles.


      • Deb
        I am so touched about your message. Thank you so much.
        Hope you all are doing well; time in Liverpool and Merseyside was for me one of the best of my life..I am missing Liverpool and the scousers..
        Hopefully, will travel the sometime in the summer..will let you all know.
        Take care of yourself, have a great time…and..you know..You never walk alone!


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