From Light to Darkness – the bridge

The Bridge


3 thoughts on “From Light to Darkness – the bridge

    • Thanks a lot! Funny thing – but this is a fact – I know exactly what’s the title of my photographs before taking the picture…I see bridges as a “border line”…a kind of now men’s (and women’s!!) land..probably to many movies on the East / West divide seen during my teenager times…
      I am shocked how well you handle some many blogs, and I have to congratulate you for all energy and good vibes you transmit to your followers and viewers! Octavian


      • Thank you so much for your kind comments. I am truly amazed by the amount of remarkable talent there is within our community – artists, poets, writers, photographers, journalists, musicians etc! We are writing the story of our generation. And I have a feeling that 100 years from now, a new generation will look back on our efforts and say to each other: “we stand on the shoulder of giants.”


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