Light and shadows in Brussels

Brussels's offices


4 thoughts on “Light and shadows in Brussels

    • It’s a very good advice. Probably I took the shot that you mention, because it was very difficult to get the right exposure covering both the dark and the (very) bright side. Thanks a lot Deb, will dig into the pictures and see what I can come off with.


  1. Hi Octavian really like the repeated shapes here and I think the ochre building and foreground are a good balance for the blues. The lollipop trees and green lamp-post are nice vertical accents.
    Like it all a lot.


    • Fully agree with you.
      The steel and glass buildings belong to Belgacom – which is the National Telecom company. The stone like building is the Railway station. Always looked at them as representatives of the same world, but coming from different time capsules.
      Thanks a lot for visiting the blog and all your comments. I do appreciate it a lot.
      Take care and I am looking forward chatting with you.


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